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Backlog Grooming With A Team Of Mixed Experience

I was recently struggling with a dilemma about how to make story estimates with a hypothetical team that is fairly colorful in experience. The team would consist of four senior developers, one junior developer who just recently joined the team (and the company) and two designers. We estimate stories using planning poker cards where each team member assesses a story and puts down the chosen card backsides, so other members don’t see the decision yet. After every member puts down their cards, they are revealed simultaneous, so there’s no chance of influencing decisions by one another. The final estimate SP is declared after a consensus between... read more »

Scrum Experiences Part 2

Probably one of the most important parts of scrum would be retrospective. It’s the time to look back what the team (and its members) accomplished during the sprint, what went good and what went bad. It seems that the for L’s method is the most effective way to get real and emotional feedback that not only reflects the bad parts but also emphasize the good parts of the sprint. The team focuses to answer the following four questions: liked: what the team/members really liked about the sprint learned: what the team/members learned during the sprint. This can be technical as well as non-technical lacked: what was... read more »

Scrum experiences

Using SCRUM in a team is a process, you won’t get it right after a few times but eventually, things are going to make sense. But it is not enough for one person to get what’s the point of such team organization. All team members must be aware of the benefits and weaknesses when doing SCRUM. Here are two thoughts that I would like to highlight, based on my experience leading a fairly agile team with medium work interruptions. Partially Completed Stories When adding stories to the sprint, the team makes a commitment to finish them before the next sprint planning. Counting partially completed stories would... read more »