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A Story About a 24/7 Backend Platform

When I started my career at Visionect back in 2008, I was 20, first time in a (relative) big city and was visiting first year of the computer science faculty. As my first assignment I was to create a rendering backend that generated image snapshots from web pages. There were two major decisions to make: what web engine to use and what programming language to program in? I’ve looked into Mozilla Gecko engine and it didn’t like what I saw: the engine was entangled with the UI and there was no clear way how could one integrate the engine inside a separate app. The second option... read more »

Wayland Wins

It’s fair to say that Wayland is the X server prodigy that will replace (is replacing) X.Org as the default windowing system. It works extremely well with Gnome. And after the move from Canonical to dismiss their Mir alternative and switch to Wayland proves the seriousness of the entire project. So, graphics company (I’m looking at you two, NVIDIA and AMD), just accept it and start working with Wayland. ... read more »

awk awesomeness

Now awk is something that every sysadmin/developer should know. Just for an example, we want to get a list of file sizes that belong to the user luka, we would do: ls -l | grep ^- | awk ' $3 == "luka" { printf("size is %s\n", $5) }' A more practical example to print out Linux users that don’t have a password set: cat /etc/passwd | awk -F: 'BEGIN {C=0} $2 == "" {printf("Password for user '%s' not set\n", $1); C++} END { printf("%d users do no have a password\n", C)} ... read more »

Dead Laptop

The SSD on my laptop died :/ ... read more »